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Gamified Flipped Classroom Learning Approach: A Case Study of AJ University
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
From the past studies, we know that a well-designed game-based or flipped classroom or gamified flipped classroom learning approaches can enhance student engagement, reduce topic complexity, enable clear task orientation, improve session effectiveness, and increase student satisfaction. We have examined it through our planned course delivery model with its foundation in the gamified flipped classroom learning approach. A six-week IT foundation course delivered to undergraduate students with majors in accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Two groups of students for this study: (1) an experimental group of 62 students with gamified course experience, and (2) a control group of 37 students through traditional learning. We performed a descriptive analysis mixed research approach to compare the results of the experimental with the control groups. The results showed a positive impact of the proposed course delivery model based on formal assessment marking, independent learning behavior, and improved class participation. However, this research has also identified various technological and delivery challenges faced by the participants, including students and teachers. © 2019 IEEE.