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FSE–Ag complex NS: preparation and evaluation of antibacterial activity
S. Kalhapure Rahul, Bolla Pradeep, C. Dominguez Delfina, Dahal Amit, , Renukuntla Jwala
Published in Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
PMID: 30104459
Volume: 12
Issue: 6
Pages: 836 - 840
Silver (Ag) complexes of drugs and their nanosystems have great potential as antibacterials. Recently, an Ag complex of furosemide (Ag-FSE) has shown to be a promising antimicrobial. However, poor solubility of Ag-FSE could hamper its introduction into clinics. Therefore, the authors developed a nanosuspension of Ag-FSE (Ag-FSE-NS) for its solubility and antibacterial activity enhancement. The aim of this study was to introduce a novel nanoantibiotic with enhanced antibacterial efficacy. Ag-FSE-NS was prepared by precipitation-ultrasonication technique. Size, polydispersity index (PI) and zeta potential (ZP) of prepared Ag-FSE-NS were measured by dynamic light scattering, whereas surface morphology was determined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). In vitro antibacterial activity was evaluated against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa using broth microdilution method. Size, PI and ZP of optimised Ag-FSE-NS1 were 191.2 ± 19.34 nm, 0.465 ± 0.059 and-55.7 ± 8.18 mV, respectively. SEM revealed that Ag-FSE-NS1 particles were rod or needle-like with smooth surfaces. Saturation solubility of Ag-FSE in NS increased eight-fold than pure Ag-FSE. Ag-FSE-NS1 exhibited two-fold and eight-fold enhancements in activity against E. coli and S. aureus, respectively. The results obtained showed that developed Ag-FSE-NS1 holds a promise as a topical antibacterial. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2018.
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JournalIET Nanobiotechnology
PublisherInstitution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
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