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From natural concepts to sustainable solutions in the built environment

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Volume: 193
Pages: 1007 - 1018

Biomimicry is simply being inspired by nature and making maximum use of intensive research of what works and what is appropriate for this planet’s various environments. This paper was inspired by the role of nature in solving our problems. First, case study problems were investigated and highlighted by conducting a survey in order to limit the scope of the research to specific strategies, which will be covered in the coming parts. Second was a search for the most ideal characteristics around us that endure the same climatic circumstances, asking how they survive and if such a function happening could be a clue to solving the deficiencies of the selected building. Salvadora persica has been chosen as the natural concept. An in-depth study of this plant will be presented along with suggested strategies that could be applicable to the built environment. A case study was selected – a campus in Ajman in the UAE. Detailed analysis was applied before and after applying environmental strategies. This paper proves that many environmental improvements may be achieved by using the biomimicry concept.

About the journal
Journal7th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning (SDP 2015)
Open AccessYes