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Feasibility Study methodologies Applied for the Introduction of a Graphic Design for Media Bachelor Program on Basis of Academic Accreditation Criteria

Published in Egyptian Journals
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 333 - 343

Higher education sector in UAE is one of the fundamental pillars of the present day and can be attributed to long term objective of economic transformation into knowledge based economy on the basis of Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision. Recently UAE academic accreditation is under stress as never before. The growing gap between education and market demand still a big Educational challenge across the Middle East countries. Higher education systems struggle just to cope with UAE market demand. The university graduates in Abu Dhabi are not meeting the labor market requirements and those of the emirates socio-economic development agenda, according to ADEC Abu Dhabi Education Council. This demand has caused the higher educational institution necessity of filling the UAE market growing need of higher educational students. To exploring these trends higher educational institution should understand on what basis UAE academic accreditation policies have been developed. What quantitative and qualitative data collections exist and how are these data should be used in the new program proposal for accreditation to inform policy making in meeting labor market needs?So the research aims to offer analytical and field methodologies used by the researcher to explore the feasibility of Emirates College of Technology proposal for academic accreditation of the new Bachelor Program “Graphic Design for media” in the Arabic language, to cover Abu Dhabi Council for education requirements in the UAE during the period 2014- 2016. This will be through the initial data and published data indicators of the education growth, population analysis, and the labor force indicators, also evolution of the UAE media sector. As well as designing of questionnaires, making interviews and field visits. 1) to explore the proposed students need for the specialty Graphic Design for media in Arabic 2) and explore the need of employers to a Bachelor hold of Graphic Design for Media in the Arabic 3) also conducting a survey to compare the graphic design media in the Arabic language and other competitors in the market. the research results managed to predicted the share of Emirates College of Technology students who will want to register in the bachelor's degree of graphic design for media in Arabic between 2015-2020 which assure the success to the program, by using Comparison of all collected data and previous studies results, and providing evidence for the Commission of Academic Accreditation that there is a growing need in the UAE economy to students holding a bachelor's degree in sectors such as media and graphic design. Also proves success opportunity of the college's in extending the diploma program where there is no institution that Constitute the competition for the Bachelor program of Graphic Design for Media in Arabic around the UAE, and finally this paper confirms the feasibility of the program and ensure sustainability during the period 2015-2020 by achieving accreditation goals to ensure quality in the educational process standards.

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JournalInternational Design Journal
PublisherEgyptian Journals
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