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Evaluating the effectiveness of e-course delivery and e-assessment using Course Management System

Raed ahmad Said, , Nasser Taleb
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Everyone seek to aspire to gain quality education. The biggest stakeholders are students who labor through years acquiring knowledge and skills to enable them to be well prepared for their career. Quality education is the golden key to prosperity for the individual and the nation. However, education standards are continuously deteriorating and it has become a global phenomenon. Course management systems are actively expected to improve the quality of education. A prominent course management system is MOODLE which is widely being used by various international educational institutions. This paper examines the use of course management system (CMS), specifically MOODLE, as a course’s electronic assessment (e-assessment) and course delivery tool for improving the learning process. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected through survey questionnaires from Al Ain University of Science and Technology (AAU) students who are involved in using MOODLE for their courses. The paper analyses students’ perspective of using course management system. A comparison between the course e-assessment and course paper-based assessment has been made. A sample of 250 students from different AAU colleges were surveyed from which 177 students replied. The results have shown that the majority of the students, about 93%, used MOODLE for one to 4 years. Most of the students have indicated that they have used MOODLE to perform different tasks provided by the CMS, 90% use it for online exam, 89% use it for downloading teaching materials, 77% used it to deal with assignments or projects, and 68% use it for grade checking. Around two third of the students have indicated that having online exam will not be difficult compared with paper-based exam. Almost the majority, around 57%, of the students claimed that MOODLE is very effective in improving the learning process. We present a method to objectively measure e-course delivery and e-assessment effectiveness using course management system. The paper intends to get feedback from the students about course management system services which have greater impact on improving the learning process.

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JournalInternational Conference for Academic Disciplines.At: Al Ain
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