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Environmental study of irradiated lithium ferrite using Co60 gamma rays
, O.M. Hemeda, M.M. Barakat
Published in
Volume: 52
Issue: 6
Pages: 336 - 338
Lithium ferrite was prepared by the usual ceramic technique and X-ray diffraction confirmed the distorted cubic structure for different gamma doses (5 × 102 - 5 × 106 rad). The effect of gamma irradiation of different doses on the jump length of electrons was studied. Increase of the jump length increases the electrical conductivity. This is attributed to the ionization of ferric ions to ferrous ions, leading to an increase in the hopping electrons at the octahedral sites. The diffusion coefficient and jump rate of lattice vacancies were also determined for all doses. In conclusion, the Li-ferrite can be used as a sensor for environmental pollution.
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JournalInterCeram: International Ceramic Review