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Enterotoxigenic Klebsiella pneumoniae in acute childhood diarrhoea
, Roy P., Chakrabarti A.
Published in National Library of Medicine
PMID: 1778616
Volume: 93
Issue: SEPT.
Pages: 293 - 296

K. pneumoniae strains recovered as pure or predominant isolate from stool specimens of 50 children below three years of age, presenting with acute watery diarrhoea, were studied for heat-labile enterotoxin production. Twenty three (46%) of the 50 crude toxin concentrates showed positivity in rabbit ileal loops and skin permeability tests. Antigenically 17 (34%) and 20 (40%) of the toxin extracts reacted with immuno-purified anti H-LT antibody in latex particle agglutination and immuno-dot blot assays respectively. Polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis, Western-blotting and enzyme-immunoassay revealed heat-labile enterotoxin and its subunits in 19 (68%) of 28 extracts tested. In 5 of 10 strains tested the toxigenicity could be transferred to recipient Escherichia coli J-35 in plasmid transfer experiments. Klebsiella induced enterotoxigenic diarrhoea and produced a heat-labile toxin which seems to be biologically, antigenically and possibly genetically related to the heat-labile toxin of the cholera-coli family.

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JournalIndian Journal of Medical Research - Section A Infectious Diseases
PublisherNational Library of Medicine
Open AccessNo