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Engaging Multigenerational Human Capital: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

Published in International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE)
Volume: 12
Issue: 3
Pages: 598 - 609

Management of human capital turns into a pivotal driver to achieve sustained economic growth through innovation. Especially the ability to manage a multigenerational talent base appears to be a critical success factor in the realization of the United Arab Emirates’ Vision 2021, propelling the UAE into a competitive knowledge economy. Human Resource (HR) managers need to develop concepts and concurrently adjust HR practices to engage a diverse workforce, not only with regard to gender, age, race or culture, but also in relation to new skill sets, innovative work styles and changing employee expectations. While in some of the world’s largest economies managing generations at work has already become an established topic, research on generation management is still emerging in the Arab world. As in the UAE such academic studies do not exist yet, exploratory research was carried out to examine the matter’s significance and facets. The study used snowball sampling in data gathering and employed content analysis methodology. The findings revealed opportunities and challenges in intergenerational collaboration to be addressed by HR managers in their effort for continuous organizational development. The study outcome serves as a starting point in systematically designing a set of generation management actions in leading quality organizations.

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JournalTalent Development & Excellence
PublisherInternational Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE)
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