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Dopamine uptake blockers nullify methamphetamine-induced decrease in dopamine uptake and plasma membrane potential in rat striatal synaptosomes
Westphalen R.I.,
Published in New York Academy of Sciences
PMID: 11085320
Volume: 914
Pages: 187 - 193
Rat striatal synaptosomes showed a reduced capacity to generate a membrane potential after being exposed to methamphetamine (METH) for 1 h. As a consequence, the dopamine (DA) synaptosomes were impeded in their electrogenic-dependent reuptake of dopamine. The capacity for METH-exposed nerve terminals to generate a membrane potential may contribute to the ability of METH to destroy dopaminergic neurons. DA uptake inhibitors (DAUIs) were found to counteract the METH-induced decrease in synaptosomal [3H]DA V(max) by stablizing METH-induced reductions in PMP. Because DAUIs showed the same effects as a Na+-channel blocker, DAUIs may prevent METH-induced destruction of dopaminergic neurons by raising plasma membrane potential.
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JournalAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences
PublisherNew York Academy of Sciences
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