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Domestic violence: causes and effects

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At the dawn of the twenty-first century and with all the human progress made in all fields and areas of life, despite the modernity experienced by man today and globalization that made the world a small global village. Although the old robe has changed, this progress has not been able to give peace, love and familiarity to all mankind. There are many aspects of ancient times stuck and entrenched in the human psyche as if they refuse to do so, and by kidnapping a successor to human history we all know that Cain killed his brother Abel. In recent times, armed conflict has intensified, resulting in many types of violence directed against the world. Violence has become a global scourge that is tearing communities apart and threatening the lives and health of individuals.The 20th century has been described as a century of violence, particularly against children and women. This pattern of behavior continues from generation to generation. Every year more than a million people are killed around the world, For everybody who dies from violence, there are so many more who are permanently harmed or disabled. Violence is the third leading cause of death among people aged 15-44 years around the world, and violence accounts for 14% of males and 7% of females.

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JournalDomestic violence: causes and effects
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