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Diagnostic Value of Panoramic Radiography in Completely Edentulous Patients

Published in Diyarbakir: Ektodermal Displazi Grubu-Türkiye
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Pages: 646 - 650

Panomaic radiograph is been used as a routine diagnostic producure for all patients need restorative treatment. For removable complete denture’s patient the benefit of this step is questionable. The aim ofThis study was to analyze the significance of the ‘routine’ use of digital panoramic radiography before conventional treatment in asymptomatic edentulous patients.

In this retrospective study, 229 digital panoramic radiographs of completely edentulous patients requesting removable complete dentures were interpreted by a prosthodontist, oral histologist, maxillo-oral surgeon and, oral radiologist. Ten patients were excluded. The following clinically radiographic findings were construed: remaining roots, impacted teeth, radiopacity, radiolucency and mental foramina positioned close to or at the crest of the residual alveolar ridge.

Forty-four radiographic observations were found, most of them were impacted teeth (eleven), 6 remaining roots, 8 radiopacity, 2 radiolucency and 4 patients with mental foramen on the crest of the ridge. Only 31 (14%) of the examined films had positive findings, 2 of which required surgical treatment before treatment with conventional removable prostheses, while the rest of the findings have no impact on the treatment plane.

These results minimize the importance of performing routine panoramic examinations of edentulous patients to detect radiographic findings that may negatively affect treatment with completely removable dental prostheses. A thorough history must be obtained, and a careful clinical examination must be performed for diagnosis, a periapical radiograph can be taken in case of any doubt of abnormalities.

This study discourage exposing the fully edentulous patients for panoramic radiograph as the results show minimum positive findings that affect the treatment plane.

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JournalJournal of International Dental and Medical Research
PublisherDiyarbakir: Ektodermal Displazi Grubu-Türkiye
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