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Diagnostic approach for hearing impairment and earwax blockage using smartphone
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 123 - 127
The rapid increase and furthermore; rising trends in hearing disorders has drawn attention of relevant experts to study, analyze, design and implement solutions for effective management. Often, due to lack of awareness, improper hearing is wrongly concluded as hearing impairment. There are several factors that can adversely affect hearing, one of them being earwax blockage. With timely diagnosis and right approach to cleaning the ear canal, the person's hearing ability can be restored. This paper discusses a smartphone based approach for detecting the ear condition. The system comprises of the bone conduction headset, a regular headset and the developed app. When integrated with the patient, the app results in indicating the type of condition; Hearing Impairment or Earwax Blockage. In case of earwax blockage, the system is capable of indicating the severity of the condition using percentile scale. This cost-effective and portable solution will enable early detection of the condition when incorporated in schools and other health awareness campaigns, thus preventing permanent damage or hearing loss due to earwax blockage. © 2018 IEEE.