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Developments in Islamic finance literature: Evidence from specialized journals
, Zafar K.
Published in King Abdulaziz University Scientific Publishing Center
Volume: 33
Issue: 2
Pages: 3 - 23
This study documents the literary developments and classifies the literature in the area of Islamic Financial Services Industry (IFSI). Our findings are based on articles published in selected Islamic finance specialized journals for six years (2012-2017). Classification is based on multiple factors including subject/specialization areas, country of origin and publications, research methodology, and yearly progress in investigations. Findings suggest that the majority of publications are in the area of general Islamic finance and follow qualitative research methodology. Malaysia and Pakistan were found to be the most significant contributors to the literature. Although the results of empirical studies are mixed, however, the majority favor resilience of IFSI to the global financial crisis (GFC). The potential role of IFSI in poverty alleviation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) has also been highlighted. Demand for IFSI with quality services exists. The literature highlights the lack of Islamic financial literacy and skepticism about Shariah compliance in practice. Need for regulatory framework and application of Islamic accounting is documented. Future research needs to focus on an objective assessment of IFSI in the light of Islamic finance objectives. Also, further investigations are needed to highlight the social role of IFSI-with a focus on CSR, zakah, waqf and microfinance. Additionally, certain specialized areas including accounting, management, and corporate governance need more attention in future researches. © 2020.
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JournalJournal of King Abdulaziz University, Islamic Economics
PublisherKing Abdulaziz University Scientific Publishing Center
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