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Designing in-line divider/combiner networks
Published in Miller Freeman plc, London, United Kingdom
Issue: JUN.
The desire to replace large amplifiers with smaller, cheaper amplifiers led to the development of divide/combine networks. The most common divide/combine network is the `tree' corporate feed which uses equal power splits to divide and recombine RF energy. The equal split dividers of a corporate feed can be constructed using either Wilkinson power dividers or 3 dB quadrature hybrids. The advantage of the corporate feed is marred by the fact that it can only generate 2, 4, 8, ... 2N number of divisions. Unlike the corporate network, the serial coupler or `in-line' divider/combiner can produce any integer number of splits. This characteristic of serial coupler networks makes them the ideal choice when combining amplifiers in noncombinary configurations.
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JournalMicrowave Engineering Europe
PublisherMiller Freeman plc, London, United Kingdom