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Cross-Functional Maintenance And Logistics Business Process Integration: Lessons From A Large Oil And Gas Company

Johannes P. van der Weshuizen,
Published in Clute Institute
Volume: 32
Issue: 2
Pages: 401 - 416

The purpose of this research focused on integration and alignment of maintenance and logistics functions in a large ERP system in an oil and gas company to demonstrate how cross-functional integration can improve operations. A design science approach has been used based on a case study of a large oil and gas company. The study found that limited cross-functional integration involving the logistics function exists. Proposed process redesign involves activities include improved storage and picking strategies, information exchange, notification of fully received components at the warehouse and an improved shipping strategy. These improvement strategies have been tested through random questionnaires and most respondents support the improvements. This study shows that business process improvement facilitated by cross-functional process integration should realise substantial financial benefits. We have shown that warehouse operation strategies do have an impact on the work order performance through the on-time delivery of its components. In addition, regular communication and utilisation of the available information can also improve the scheduling of work order execution. These benefits are not limited to the company in question but the results show that if companies in general give more attention to cross-functional integration, substantial benefits are possible. The focus of this study is uncommon as it is the integration of logistics and maintenance functions within an organisation. We show substantial process improvements are possible. It therefore provides another opportunity for business process improvement experts to better align various systems and processes.

About the journal
JournalJournal of Applied Business Research
PublisherClute Institute
Open AccessNo