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Counteraction of nifedipine-induced hyperglycaemia by metformin
, E.S.M. El-Denshary, H.A. El-Sawaf, A.M. Al-Bekairi
Published in
PMID: 2128281
Volume: 16
Issue: 6
Pages: 522 - 523
Nifedipine-induced hyperglycaemia in rats was counteracted by concurrent administration of metformin (500 mg/kg p.o). However, glibenclamide (5 mg/kg p.o.) did not change the hyperglycaemic effect of nifedipine. It is suggested that nifedipine-induced hyperglycaemia was not related to pancreatic effect and might be attributed to extra pancreatic mechanism by preventing the action of insulin in the tissues. Therefore, counteraction of nifedipine-induced hyperglycaemia by metformin, may play a role in diabetic patients treated with nifedipine.
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