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Contribution of the regional drug information center towards drug safety.
, P. Mishra, P.R. Shankar, D. Bista, B. Purwar
Published in
PMID: 17160101
Volume: 45
Issue: 161
Pages: 216 - 218
Drug related complications may lead to huge economic impact and cause significant morbidity and mortality. The present study analyzed the services provided by our Drug Information Center (DIC) in relation to drug safety. Over a period of one year, the DIC received 336 drug related queries. Among these 127 queries were related to drug safety. Medical doctors asked 78% of queries and patient care was the purpose behind 64.6% of them. Half (50%) of the enquirers submitted their queries to the center personally or contacted the DIC staff. Forty one percentage of the queries were related to the causality of particular drug towards adverse drug reactions and 10 % regarding drug use in pregnancy and lactation. Centrally acting drugs accounted for 21% of the queries. Twenty two percentage of the enquirers required an immediate answer. DICs by providing unbiased and objective information can reduce the occurrences of drug related complications.
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JournalJNMA; journal of the Nepal Medical Association
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