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Compatibility, Stability, and Efficacy of Vancomycin Combined With Gentamicin or Ethanol in Sodium Citrate as a Catheter Lock Solution
Wei Yangjie, WonJoon Yang Joshua, , Jung Rose, D. Churchwell Mariann
Published in SAGE Publications
Volume: 52
Issue: 10
Pages: 685 - 690

Background: Indwelling catheters deliver lifesaving medical treatments for many chronically ill patients but are frequently a source of infection. Treatment may include an antimicrobial agent(s) and anticoagulant solution dwelling within the catheter. In vitro determinations of solution compatibility and stability are necessary prior to use in patients. Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the physical compatibility, chemical stability, and antimicrobial activity of vancomycin (5 or 10 mg/mL) with gentamicin (1 mg/mL) or 40% ethanol in 4% sodium citrate lock solution over 72 hours. Methods: All solutions were prepared per manufacturer’s instructions. Samples were studied under 4 conditions: (1) 25°C with light, (2) 25°C without light, (3) 37°C with light, and (4) 37°C without light. Physical compatibility and chemical stability were assessed at 0, 24, 48, and 72 hours. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing was conducted at 0 and 72 hours. All studies were carried out in triplicate. Results: All solution combinations under each condition remained patent from baseline to 48 hours. One solution combination of vancomycin (5 mg/mL) and ethanol (40% v/v) in 4% sodium citrate revealed a slight turbidity at 72 hours. Clarity and pH remained stable in all other solutions during the entire study period. Chemical compatibility and antibiotic activity ranged from 95% to 105% and 95% to 106% of initial baseline values, respectively, for all solutions under 4 storage conditions. Conclusions: All antibiotic-anticoagulant lock solutions were found to be physically, chemically, and microbiologically stable during the 72-hour study period except vancomycin (5 mg/mL) and ethanol (40% v/v) in 4% sodium citrate solution which showed slight turbidity at 72 hours.

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