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Comparison of parental satisfaction with three tooth-colored full-coronal restorations in primary maxillary incisors
A.A. Salami, , R. Bashiri
Published in Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
PMID: 26551364
Volume: 39
Issue: 5
Pages: 423 - 428
Objectives: To evaluate and compare the parental satisfaction among resin composite strip crown, preveneered stainless steel crown (PVSSC) and the newly introduced pre-fabricated primary zirconia crown for restoring maxillary primary incisors. Study design: A prospective clinical study on 39 children with carious or traumatized primary maxillary incisors. They were randomly and equally distributed in three groups and received one of the full-coronal restorations. Children were recalled to evaluate and compare parental satisfaction about performance of crowns after one year through a questionnaire. Results: Parents were satisfied with all three tooth colored full-coronal restoration techniques. A significant relationship was found between colour of PVSSC (p=0.003) and durability of resin strip crowns (p=0.009) with the overall parental satisfaction levels. Parents who gave poor ratings in these two variables however rated their overall acceptance levels as being satisfied. Conclusion: Parental overall satisfaction was highest for zirconia primary crowns followed by resin composite strip crowns and lowest satisfaction was reported for pre-veneered SSCs. Parents were least satisfied with durability of resin composite strip crowns and colour of pre-veneered stainless steel crowns. However, this did not affect their overall satisfaction with these crowns.
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JournalJournal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
PublisherJournal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
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