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Comparative study of Aerobic performance between football and judo groups in prepubertal boys

Moez Triki, Haithem Rebai, , Kaouthar Masmoudi, Nicole Fellmann, Hela Zouari, Nouri Zouari, Zouhair Tabka
Published in Kowsarmedical
PMID: 24427474
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Pages: 165 - 174


The aim of this study was to compare the impact of the practice of football and judo on lung function and aerobic performance of prepubertal boys.


A total of ninety six prepubertal boys were studied. They assessed a measure of body composition using the skin folds method. They performed lung plethysmography at rest, followed by an incremental exercise test.


There was no significant difference in baseline spirometry between all groups (P>0.05). The maximal oxygen uptake [VO2max] and the VO2 at the ventilatory threshold [VT] were similar between all groups (P>0.05). The maximal minute ventilation [VEmax] of judokas was significantly higher than footballers (P<0.01) and similar at the [VT]. The Heart rate [HR] at [VT] of footballers and judokas was similar and significantly higher than control group (P<0.01). VO2max was significantly related to LM and negatively associated with FM. At the [VT] there was a significant relationship between P[VT] and LM and mainly with VE to VO2 [VT], P[VT] and HR[VT] in all groups.


Training in football and judo does not affect lung volumes and capacities, VO2max and VO2 at the [VT].

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JournalAsian Journal of Sports Medicine
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