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Collaborative cognitive RRM, dynamic spectrum management and self-organisation for future mobile networks
Bogenfeld Eckard, Von Hugo Dirk, , Solana Beatriz, Taranu Stefan, Saatsakis Aggelos, Mange Geneviève, Bernardo Francisco, Jeux Sébastien, Feng ZhiyongShow More
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Pages: 1 - 9

Forced by an enormous cost pressure, investments into future radio network infrastructure as well as operational costs have to be minimised. More efficient and highly flexible use of scarce radio resources is mandatory without compromising high network performance and users' service quality perception. This paper highlights the means to achieve this, in particular, the algorithms, results and recommendations for Joint Radio Resource Management (JRRM), Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) and Self-organising Networks (SON) mechanisms.

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Journal2010 Future Network and Mobile Summit
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