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Clinical Parameters of the Gummy Smile among Sudanese Female Sample

Published in Sci Forschen Inc
Volume: 3
Issue: 1

The gummy smile is one of the esthetic and psychological problems for adults especially females.

The aim of this study: is to evaluate the relationship between the gummy smile and: Length of the upper lip; height of the clinical crown and inter-labial gap and to help clinicians to indentify the most significant clinical parameters that associated with gummy smile.

Materials and methods: The Sample comprised of 35 females, aged 20-35 years, matched to 35 controls for age sex and race, selected randomly from outpatient clinic at Khartoum dental teaching hospital and from Khartoum University, Faculty of Dentistry. A Sony 10 mega pixel Digital Camera was used for photography and Photoshop software program for the measurements.

Results: Among the three parameters, the height of the clinical crown of maxillary anteriors teeth showed significant result of a p-value 0.04 and the Inter-labial gap showed highly significant result p-value 0.000 when comparing the sample to the controls. The inter-labial gap showed a high correlation to the gummy smile level p-value 0.016.

Conclusion: A proper diagnosis and treatment planning of gummy smile should be aimed to correct these parameters and especially the inter-labia gap to normal value at the end of the treatment either by orthodontic or orthognathic surgery.

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JournalInternatinal Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health
PublisherSci Forschen Inc
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