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CJAYA: Cellular JAYA algorithm
M.A. Awadallah, , I.A. Doush
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 155 - 160
In this paper, the concepts of cellular automata have been utilized in the optimization process of JAYA algorithm for global optimization problems. JAYA algorithm is a recent swarm intelligence algorithm inspired by the survival of the fittest principle. Cellular automata is a successful structured population mechanism used to reorganize the swarm (or population) as a tripodal mesh. Each swarm member can pass the knowledge into his neighboring swarm during the search. Through this process, the diversity of JAYA algorithm is strictly controlled thus the equilibrium state of the convergence rate is spanned. The proposed method is called cellular JAYA algorithm (cJAYA algorithm) which is evaluated using 15 mathematical benchmark functions. Initially, cellular automata concepts are tested. Thereafter, a comparative evaluation of other cellular-based optimization methods is conducted. The results prove the efficacy of the proposed cJAYA algorithm. © 2020 IEEE.