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Challenges and Opportunities of Using E- Learning System in Architectural Curriculum

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Pages: 160 - 167

Due to the fast development of progress in technology, especially in the last twenty five years, the Engineering Colleges including the Architectural Departments have faced many challenges in how to provide the student with well established technological and scientific knowledge that makes interaction between instructors and students easy and fast. The situation in the Architectural Departments is different from others as its courses are more oriented to practical works which are expressed first in manual physical sketches and last in computer. The challenge here is how to convert these sketches of architectural design works into digital world so that work can be read and criticized by instructors from the early stages. Herein, some techniques are proposed to help solve this issue meanwhile the perception and acceptance of the students to such proposal was investigated by conducting a survey among the architectural students of Ajman University. The results indicated that most of the senior students found the idea of using the E-Learning in all architectural coursers useful and valuable because of their advanced skills in computer. It is recommended to prepare and encourage all architectural students including juniors to be more exposed to technology and digital world. This enriches the educational environments and keeps students connected 24-hrs with their instructors.

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Journal3rd International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
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