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Belief in conspiracy theories about COVID-19 amongst Venezuelan students: A pilot study [Creencias en teorías de la conspiración acerca de la COVID-19 entre los estudiantes Venezolanos: Un estudio piloto]
Published in Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Volume: 30
Issue: 1
Pages: 79 - 88
Although researchers have not satisfactorily tracked the origins of COVID-19, there are no indications that this virus has been engineered by human beings. Yet, conspiracy theories blaming either the United States or China, are increasingly popular. For a greater research project to be developed in the future, a pilot study was done, where 165 Venezuelan students were asked in a survey to rate their agreement with conspiracy theories about COVID-19. Although the majority of subjects were skeptical of these claims, the percentage of acceptance of COVID-19 conspiracy theories was still fairly high, if compared to other medical conspiracy theories. Educational level was not a significant predictive factor in acceptance of these conspiracy theories. Acceptance of other conspiracy theories has a significant relation, but only if they cohere with ideological positioning in the Venezuelan context. Likewise, ethnicity also correlated with belief in covid-19 conspiracy theories, but again, mediated by political alignments in the Venezuelan context. © 2021 Universidad Nacional de Colombia. All rights reserved.
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JournalRevista Colombiana de Psicologia
PublisherUniversidad Nacional de Colombia
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