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Barriers and Drivers of using social media in e-goverance: A global case study
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Over the last decade, applicability e-governance across the globe with regards to social media has increased. Many economists, statisticians, and researchers have made an effort to study about different approaches and problems of incorporating social media with e-government. This case study aims to investigate the drivers and barriers of social media in e-governance worldwide. It took into account of the countries in which the experiment was done, type of social media used, starting from Facebook to microblogging sites along with their objectives, barriers and drivers found while implementing them for government purpose. This study also discusses the UAE's position among Asian countries and GCC. Result of the literature shows that the majority of the investigated 22 studies from the last 10 years have democratic engagement as an advantage and lack of awareness, information, and loss of information as a barrier. © 2019 IEEE.