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Autonomous UAV for Civil Defense Applications

S. Basiratzadeh, , M.T.Tahseen, A.D. Shapsough, , A. Saeidi
Published in N&N Global Technology

This paper presents an autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle developed for Civil Defense applications. It provides operational support to fire-fighters performing their mission in difficult indoor environments in high-rise buildings during loss of communication between fire-fighters and base station. It augments a 2-D indoor tracking system by providing the third dimension corresponding to the floor level where a fire-fighter is trapped. In this way, the position of a trapped fire-fighter in a high-rise building is completely identified. Other features of the developed system include the ability to recognize humans in poor visibility conditions resulting from smoke or at night, provision of a grappling trigger to carry extra load for rescue missions, and stable flight operation.

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JournalProc. Of The 3rd World Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems
PublisherN&N Global Technology
Open AccessNo