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Attitudes of UAE University Students toward Criteria of Marital Choice. A Field Study on Sample of Ajman University Students.

Published in University of Jordan,Deanship of Scientific Research
Volume: 47
Issue: 3
Pages: 27 - 46

The study aimed to highlight the attitudes of UAE university students towards psychological, economic, social and biological criteria of metrical choice and the significant difference in these attitudes in light of (gender, field of study) variables, the study was applied on a purposive sample of (160) students from 8 colleges using questionnaire of two parts, data was collected and treated using spss to calculate the required statistical tests. The study concluded the following: There is appositive attitudes for students toward psychological, biological, social and economic criteria of marital choice. There no significant differences in the student's attitudes related to gender. There is a significant difference in the students attitudes related to field of study in favor of humanities students. Finally, the study recommended some recommendation in light of the results.

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PublisherUniversity of Jordan,Deanship of Scientific Research
Open AccessNo