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An object-oriented expert system for diagnosis of fungal diseases of date palm
Published in
Volume: 4
Issue: 5
Pages: 201 - 207
In this study, an Object-Oriented (O-O) prototype Expert System (ES) for diagnosis of fungal diseases of date palm is presented. The objectives are to investigate, the potential of a proposed 0-0 model for expert systems and to provide intelligent computer-based support for farmers or agricultural specialists. The modeling of the system is based on 0-0 database and O-O rule base. An overview of the system's model and a description of its implementation are presented. The architecture of the ES resulted in a successful and flexible system that enhances soft computing and can also be used to develop expert systems for other domains. © Medwell Journals, 2009.
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JournalInternational Journal of Soft Computing
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    Date palm
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    Expert system
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    Fungal disease
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    Object-oriented database
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    Object-oriented modeling
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    Object-oriented rule base