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A Reliable Wireless System for Water Quality Monitoring and Level Control

Published in Macrothink Institute
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Pages: 1 - 14

With the ever increasing growth in population water quality monitoring has become a critical issue in the recent years. Water quality monitoring is very important for aquaculture, waste water management, drinking water treatment, water distribution system, and other environmental applications. Recently numerous researchers have been initiated to build wireless system for water quality monitoring (WSWQM). The two fold objectives of WSWQM are (a) monitoring of water quality from a remote location with minimum supervision, and (b) initiating immediate corrective actions to maintain the required water quality standard. In this paper we present a system model for WSWQM. In this system we integrate a number of sensors, transmitters, receiver, myRIO microcontroller, and IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi technology. The sensors generate water quality data including pH, conductivity, and temperature. The real-time data are then sent wirelessly to a local control unit for analyzing, recording, and displaying. The system is also able to send alarm messages automatically to a remote management center when water quality fails to meet the required standard. In order to ensure high accuracy and reliability we use industry standard sensors and instruments to implement this system.

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JournalNetwork Protocols and Algorithms
PublisherMacrothink Institute
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