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A new approach in modelling EM Wave Propagation in Troposphere using Finite Elements
, A Katsriku F, Lasabae Aboubaker
Published in
Issue: January
Pages: 31 - 36

A finite element based beam propagation method for the analysis and study of electromagnetic wave propagation in the troposphere is presented. An efficient one dimensional form of the helmholtz equation with height dependent refractivity is used to investigate ducting phenomenon. Vertical tropospheric profile characteristics are assigned to each element through the discritization process and the solution is made to advanced using the marching algorithm. II. I NTRODUCTION may take into account the radius of the Earth and terrain effects whereas the polarization of the propagating radiowaves is implemented on the surface boundary conditions. Models based on the parabolic approximation of the wave equation have been used extensively for modelling refractive effects on tropospheric propagation (9), (10), in last decade. The biggest advantage to using the PE method is that it gives a full- wave solution for the field in the presence of range-dependent environments.

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