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طعن الأفراد في دستورية القوانين في الجزائر كآلية محدثة لحماية الحقوق والحريات

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Depending on the development of the system for control of the constitutionality of laws in different constitutional systems, Algeria is also trying to cope with this development, which is in the interests of establishing a constitutional system based on the basis of activating the concept of constitutional justice through the respect and ensuring the rights and freedoms. In order to achieve this development, the Algerian constitutional founder set up a new method of control in the last constitutional Amendment Act of 2016, whereby individuals have the right to consider the constitutionality of laws on the occasion of a dispute before judicial institutions .Although this updated mechanism which is originally from French innovation, it is still in the stage of establishment, here comes the role of intellectuals with their competence in order to play the role of awareness needed to contribute to the first stage during the transitional period in influencing the authors of the legal and regulatory texts concerning the modalities of application of this mechanism in order to give it an Algerian version. The second stage is extremely important, an attempt to deliver the message to individuals for the positive exploitation of this mechanism ‫المفتاحية‬ ‫الكلمات‬ ‫القوانأين‬ ;‫دستورية‬ ;‫الطعن‬ ‫زيارة‬ ‫يرجى‬ ‫المقال‬ ‫لتحميل‬ ‫موقع‬ ‫العلمية‬ ‫للمجلت‬ ‫الجزائرية‬ ‫العلمية‬ ‫البوابة‬ ASJP-‫على‬ ، : ‫التالي‬ ‫الرابط‬ https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/article/63779

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