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د. ختام تميم واقع الحاضنات السورية في التنمية الاقتصادية والاجتماعية

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The idea of incubators has emerged globally for some time in the industrialized countries to encourage small companies and encourage them to start in business. The incubators in the world have proved their effectiveness in supporting the economy in many countries, by creating new jobs in small and medium enterprises, and raising the level of the market. Through new and innovative ideas offered by new entrepreneurs. The idea of incubation in business stems from the fact that the entrepreneur has a new and creative idea, but he does not have the necessary capital or business experience to start his own business. Hence the role of the incubator during the incubation period was to help the incubator entrepreneur to start his own startup The first period of establishment in which it is prone to failure, relying on the support and assistance of the incubator (1). Incubators are a new and innovative idea that contributes to the creation of a new working culture in Syria away from the culture of full employment and the culture that the state is the father of all and employs all where no country in the world can employ all its children (2). Syria is one of the countries that have fallen far behind in the field of business incubators, which have become a way of working against unemployment in many neighboring countries. Value added by stimulating the energies of young people to create their own projects by providing the necessary infrastructure and the necessary funding and feasibility studies and the market so that the small project stands on its feet and then launched to the labor market. A number of Arab countries, especially those facing a severe unemployment crisis, have applied the idea of productive incubators.

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